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Online Data Sources
In this section, you will find links to different types of online migration data: migration statistics, country of origin / destination information and migration news sites.
  AlertNet more info   go to site
  Electronic Immigration Network (EIN) more info   go to site
  Global IDP Database more info   go to site
  The Information Centre for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (ICAR) more info   go to site
  IZA Database for Migration Literature more info   go to site
  Livelihoods Connect more info   go to site
  Migrant Remittances     go to site
  Migration Information Source more info   go to site
  Migration News more info   go to site
  Migration Resources in the Middle East more info   go to site
  Reliefweb more info   go to site
  UNHCR daily news more info   go to site
  UNHCR refugee statistics more info   go to site
A Reuters' news service on humanitarian emergencies, which provides up to date news wires and information from humanitarian workers in the field on a country by country or issue basis. There is a section dedicated to 'refugees and displacement'.
Electronic Immigration Network (EIN)
EIN is a voluntary sector organisation specialising in the provision of information on immigration and refugee law via the Internet, particularly in the United Kingdom and Europe. The public part of the EIN website has resources on immigration and refugee law in Europe in different languages and a database of online links to organisations dealing with asylum, refugee and immigration issues in the UK and Europe (and some worldwide). The member's part of the site (membership £100-200/yr) has information for immigration lawyers and advisers on countries of origin and case law.
Global IDP Database
Run by the Norwegian Refugee Council, this database contains country-by-country profiles with data and situation reports on Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) for over 50 countries with IDPs worldwide. These reports are updated at least once a year. It also has IDP news bulletins.
The Information Centre for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (ICAR), UK
ICAR is an independent centre set up to collect, record, compile and disseminate up to date, comprehensive and academically credible information about refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. It aims to raise the level of public debate and to promote better understanding of the issues. It's website contains comprehensive and searchable directories of UK resources, projects and research on asylum and refugees. There is also an excellent and up-to-date digest of publications on refugee and asylum issues in the UK, a set of navigation guides to key issues and refugee populations and a summary of and commentary on UK asylum statistics. ICAR also has an ongoing project to map regions of the UK and provide information on local refugee populations, projects, statistics, contacts and life stories.
IZA Database for Migration Literature
In view of the increasing importance of research on migration issues, IZA established a searchable online literature database on the topic several years ago. The directory now contains more than 10,000 entries, making it one of the most comprehensive online databases on migration worldwide. The IZA database is updated daily and contains entries of working papers not indexed by many standard online literature databases. Direct download links to freely availalbe articles are also included. In addition, the directory contains a link list of various institutions dealing with migration issues.
Livelihoods Connect
Livelihoods Connect aims to enable the practical implementation of sustainable livelihoods approaches as a tool for achieving poverty reduction. It encourages practitioners, policy-makers and researchers to exchange comparative international experience and understanding of implementing sustainable livelihoods approaches by supporting knowledge sharing and networking. The project has been funded by DFID since 1999 and is editorially independent, with a broad user and partner base. The site offers a link to the migration-livelihoods connection under Hot Topics.
Migration Information Source

The Migration Information Source is an online source of global data, news and analysis of international migration and refugee trends. Its 'Global Data Centre' summarises key migration data and trends (pop size, arrivals, asylum, citizenship) in graphical and numerical form by country (all European and North American up to now). It also has a set of brief and accessible Country Profiles summarising the history of migration and migration policy (again mostly developed countries). Its refugee section has statistics on forced migration and useful short digests on refugee issues e.g. diaspora, development and conflict. Finally, it has a searchable archive of news and articles, which is a good first point of recent information on a particular issue or country.

Migration News

Migration News is part of the Migration Dialogue project of the University of Davies, USA. It aims to summarise and analyse the most important immigration and integration developments of the preceding quarter with its main focus on North America, but also covering Europe, Asia and other regions. You can subscribe to receive the quarterly migration news digest by email and access back issues on the website.

Migration Resources in the Middle East

The e-Library on Migration Information Resources in the Middle East is a web-based archive containing resources on migration-related information
in the region. By using a search engine accessible in English and Arabic, readers are able to browse through papers, statistics, maps and other relevant documents regarding migration in the Middle East published by IOM, academic institutions, research centers, UN bodies, government institutions and other counterparts.

Run by OCHA, this site contains daily news and situation reports on the humanitarian situation in a number of crisis zones of the world including Iraq, Palestine, Liberia, Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa. It also has some country dossiers and does occasional special reports on issues and regions. There is also the Humanitarian library which brings together key documents on humanitarian issues, which can be downloaded.
UNHCR daily news
This section of UNHCR's website gathers together daily news wires from around the world on refugee issues and UNHCR activities. There is also a searchable archive of news wires going back to 2000. It also provides a number of short briefing notes and some short regional information sheets.
UNHCR refugee statistics
This section of the UNHCR site allows you to view and download the latest statistics on refugees and asylum seekers in over 150 countries of asylum. The data, graphs and charts cover topics such as asylum applications, refugee status determination, recognition rates, refugee populations and movements, demographic characteristics (age and sex) as well as major refugee locations (camps, centers, urban areas, etc.). Conceptual and analytical papers are also available.

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