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This section lists the main academic and other journals on migration issues and provides links to their websites where you can subscribe, download or order back copies.
  Forced Migration Review (FMR)   more info   go to site
  Global Networks   more info   go to site
  International Migration Review (IMR)   more info   go to site
  International Migration   more info   go to site
  Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS)   more info   go to site
  Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS)   more info   go to site
  Migration World (MW)   more info   go to site
  Refugees Magazine   more info   go to site

Forced Migration Review (FMR)
FMR is published by the RSC in association with the Global IDP Survey/Norwegian Refugee Council. It appears three times a year in English, Spanish and Arabic and aims to provide a forum for the regular exchange of practical experience, information and ideas between researchers, refugees and internally displaced people and those who work with them.
Global Networks
Global Networks publishes refereed articles on global networks, transnational affairs and practices and their relation to wider theories of globalisation. The journal includes World View essays designed to elicit discussion and Book Review essays on major publications. It is edited by an international team led by Alisdair Rogers, Steven Vertovec and Robin Cohen.
International Migration Review (IMR)
A refereed interdisciplinary quarterly journal on the various aspects of human mobility, founded in 1966. IMR is well-regarded internationally and published by the Center of Migration Studies of New York. Unfortunately, the website is poorly maintained, so there are no indices of articles for the last few years.
International Migration
International Migration is a peer reviewed journal devoted to research and policy analysis of contemporary issues affecting international migration. It is edited by academics at the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University (USA), published and distributed by Blackwell Publishing, and sponsored by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The website does not currently give information on back copies or pervious articles, but indicates areas in which the journal is looking for submissions e.g. Integration of Immigrants, Trafficking of Human Beings, Migration and Security, Migration and Development, Migration and International Trade, Psycho-social Well-being of Migrants, Return Migration, Immigrant Education, Diasporas, Labor Migration, Perceptions of Immigrants, Immigrant Scholars, Data and Statistics.
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS)

JEMS is dedicated to publishing the results of first class research on all forms of migration and its consequences, together with articles on ethnic conflict, discrimination, racism, nationalism, citizenship and policies of integration. JEMS is particularly interested in policy-oriented and inter-disciplinary work and has recently had special issues on subjects such as immigration policy implementation in Europe (2003), transnationalism and identity (2001) and immigrant entrepreneurship (2001). JEMS is currently edited by Russell King (Sussex) and all articles are refereed. The website allows you to view the contents and abstracts of articles in past issues back to 1995.

Journal of Refugee Studies (JRS)
JRS is an academic journal on refugee and forced migration issues, which aims at the academic exploration of the complex problems of forced migration and encourages contributions to the theoretical development of refugee studies as well as analytical or methodological appraisals of current concepts, policies and practice. The journal is currently co-edited by Professor Richard Black of the DRC.
Migration World (MW)
A bimonthly magazine, published since 1973 by the Center for Migration Studies of New York. It focuses on the most recent immigrants and refugees to the US and other countries and various issues affecting them. MW is aimed at those who are socially and pastorally involved with immigrants and refugees. Unfortunately, the website is poorly maintained, so there are no indices of articles for the last few years.
Refugees Magazine
A quarterly magazine published by UNHCR aimed at illuminating 'the refugee experience' for policy-makers and other interested in refugee issues. Whole issues of the magazine (current and archived copies) can be downloaded for free on the UNHCR website.
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