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Online Libraries
This section gives links to a number of online documentation centres and libraries which allow you to search for migration-related documents and either download them directly or find out how to obtain them.
  Centre d'Information et d'Etudes sur les Migrations Internationales   more info   go to site
  Child Migration Research Network   more info   go to site
  ERCOMER virtual library on migration and ethnic relations   more info   go to site
  European Migration Information Network (EMIN)   more info   go to site
  Forced Migration Online   more info   go to site

Centre d'Information et d'Etudes sur les Migrations Internationales (CIEMI), Paris, France
CIEMI aims to study and sensitise the public to the role of international migration in the transformation and reconstruction of the social, cultural and religious landscape of national societies. It has an extensive documentation collection (55,000 bibliographical references, 15,000 books, 300 periodicals), and you can now search the online database for references of documents in English and French (click here for direct link to online library) although you cannot download them.
Child Migration Research Network

The Child Migration Research network (CMRN) has been established to help assess the impact of migration on children and youth. The aim of the CMRN is to bring together researchers who look at how migration affects children and to highlight research work, especially that in grey literature or other hard to reach sources, that focuses on this area.

ERCOMER virtual library on migration and ethnic relations
Has comprehensive listings of organisations (research centres, NGOs, academic departments and courses, government bodies, international bodies, documentation centres), a list of publications (journals, newsletters, news sources) and a slightly less comprehensive list of events (conferences, discussion groups etc).
European Migration Information Network (EMIN)
A gateway for information on international migration. It allows users to search for information by issue and EU country and lists existing resources and where to get them (although they are not generally linked or available online). It also lists documentation centres and is building a list of migration researchers and projects.
Forced Migration Online
Has a set of research guides by region (not all) and themes and a searchable digital library of over 3000 documents which can be read online, downloaded and printed including policy documents, grey literature, journal articles etc. Also has a searchable directory of organisations related to refugee issues covering all countries of the world.

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