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Other Useful and Relevant Sites
This section lists links to new sites with recent documents on migration and related issues.

> Gender and Migration Resources from BRIDGE
> A World on the Move: Stalker's Guide to International Migration
> BBC Talking Point on Migration
> European Migration Law
> Human Tide: The Real Migration Crisis. A Christian Aid report
> International Migration and the Millennium Development Goals: Selected Papers of the UNFPA Expert Group Meeting

Links to Sites on Remittances

> DFID Study on Remittance Services
> EU and Remittances

Migration in Britain

> DEFRA Study: Temporary Workers in UK Agriculture and Horticulture
> DFID: Migration and Poverty Reduction Policy
> Trade Union Congress Commission on Vulnerable Employment (COVE)

Migration in Europe

> Gaining from Migration: Towards a New Mobility System
> Undocumented Worker Transitions: Researching Migrant Pathways in Europe

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