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Building Migration into Development Strategies
Royal Society, London, 28-29 April 2008

Session Six: Migration Partnerships

The final session looked at migration partnerships internationally, regionally, and locally—and considered the ways in which they could be better used in the interest of pro-poor development.

Conference materials

Migration DRC research – view a two-page overview of the Migration DRC’s research findings on migration partnerships.

Further reading – working papers published by the Migration DRC related to migration partnerships are listed below.

  1. “Developing Country Proposals for the Liberalisation of Movements of Natural Service Suppliers”. L Alan Winters (Jan 2005; WP-T8).
  2. “The Development Impact of Temporary International Labour Migration on Southern Meditteranean Sending Countries”. Michael Collyer (Aug 2004; WP-T6).

Click on links below to access conference materials. Each session link includes session minutes, speakers’ PowerPoint presentations, a two-page overview of the Migration DRC’s research on each session topic, and information about working papers published by the Migration DRC on each session topic.

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