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Partners: CESS, Albania

CESS logo The Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) in Tirana, Albania, was established in 1995 as a non-governmental, politically-unaffiliated organisation, dedicated to the study of economic and social problems in Albania. It has already undertaken research on
agricultural development and migration in the Balkans, and emigration of the intellectual elite from Albania. CESS is able to draw on research resources from the Albanian Academy of Sciences and Tirana University, as well as its own offices in five major regional centres within Albania.

CESS role in the DRC
Following a focus on DFID priority countries in 2008-09, CESS is not currently actively participating in DRC research, but it is still partnering on number of other projects.
CESS has been closely involved in establishing the DRC and deciding its research themes. CESS has worked on the following DRC research projects:

4b: Migration and the Poverty Transition in Albania
9a: International Comparisons of Return to Poor Countries: case study of Albania

See also: IOM Tirana's National Strategy on Migration and National Action Plan on Migration

Albanian Government on the National Strategy for Migration

Workshop on the National Strategy for Migration, 21-22 February 2005, Selected Papers

Competing for Remittances, By: Nicolaas de Zwager, Ilir Gedeshi, Etleva Germenji, Christos Nikas Prepared for: IOM Tirana, 29 June 2005

Brain Gain Albania


CESS Contact details
Centre for Economic and Social Studies
Rruga "Mihal Duri"

Tel: +355 42 25316
Fax: +355 42 25316
Website: coming soon


The CESS Team

Director: Ilir Gedeshi


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