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Partners: CMRS, Egypt

The Center for Migration and Refugee Studies (CMRS) Programme at the American University at Cairo, Egypt, has a regional research agenda on forced migration and refugees in urban centres of the 'South'. With funding from the Ford Foundation, CMRS has established a one-year graduate Diploma in Forced Migration and Refugee Studies. FMRS currently includes 12 faculty members from anthropology, political science, law, psychology and journalism and communication studies and has a library with online catalogue and resources funded by the Mellon Foundation.

CMRS role in the DRC

Following a focus on DFID priority countries in 2008-09, FMRS is not currently actively participating in DRC research, but it is still partnering on number of other projects.
CMRS has been closely involved in establishing the DRC and deciding its research themes. CMRS has worked on the following DRC research projects:

1e: Gendered 'return home' - Sudanese refugees are coming back
5a: Internal and International migration in Egypt
6b: Forced Migration and Policy in the Middle East
6d: A social profile and analysis of migrant domestic employees in Cairo

CMRS Contact details
Center for Migration and Refugee Studies
The American University in Cairo
PO Box 2511
1151 Cairo
Arab Republic of Egypt
Tel: +2 02.797.6626
Fax: +2 02.797.6629

Website: http://www.aucegypt.edu/


The FMRS Team

Barbara Harrell-Bond

Katarzyna Grabska
Barbara Harrell-Bond
Ray Jureidini
Ayman Zohry

Research Assistant:
Sarah Sadek

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