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Partners: RMMRU, Bangladesh

RMMU logo The Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh has worked as a research, training and advocacy institution since 1995 and has already completed a number of important research studies on the rights of
migrant workers, female migration, return and remittances, and forced migration in Bangladesh. RMMRU also maintains close working relations with institutes across the South Asia region, running workshops and publishing books, a translation series, an occasional paper series and a quarterly newsletter, 'Udbastu' ("The Uprooted").

RMMRU role in the DRC
RMMRU has been closely involved in establishing the DRC and deciding its research themes. RMMRU is working on the following DRC research projects:

3b(3): Autonomous Child Migration in Bangladesh
3d: The stranded Bihari linguistic minority in Bangladesh: generational perspectives
4c: Internal migration and remittances in Bangladesh
7c: Mobility of the highly skilled in Bangladesh
7d: Student migration from Bangladesh
8d: Model Code of Conduct for recruitment agencies
8e: Comparative analysis of welfare services of sending country missions in receiving countries
9a: International Comparisons of Return to Poor Countries
9b: Experiences and coping strategies of failed migrants



RMMRU Contact details
Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit
Room 4020, Arts Building
University of Dhaka

Tel: +880 2 966 1920 ext 4483
Fax: +880 2 811 7962

Website: coming soon

The RMMRU Team

Choudhury Abrar

Tasneem Siddiqui
Sumaiya Khair
Mohammad Jalal Uddin Sikder



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