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DRC Briefing Paper Series
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Code Date Title
20 September 2009 Assisted Voluntary Return (AVR): an Opportunity for Development?
19 August 2009 Diaspora and Development: Building Transnational Partnerships
18 March 2009 Staying Behind When Husbands Move: Women’s Experiences in India and Bangladesh
17 February 2009 Migration and the Financial Crisis: How will the Economic Downturn Affect Migrants?
16 January 2009 Migration and Education Linkages: Lessons from India and Bangladesh
15 November 2008 Legality, Migration and Poverty: Legal Status and Temporary Labour Migration


14 October 2008 Social Protection of Migrants from the Global South: Protection gaps and Strategies to 'Self-insure'
13 October 2008 Measuring the Migration-Development Nexus: An Overview of Available Data
12 September 2008
Migration and Climate Change: How will Climate Shifts Affect Migration Trends?
11 August 2008 Independent Child Migration: Introducing Children's Perspectives
10 September 2007 Human Resources For Health And Migration:
Mobility, Training and the Global Supply of Health Workers
9 May 2007 Social Protection and Internal Migration in Bangladesh: Supporting the Poorest
8 January 2007 Rights-based Policies and Forced Migrants
7 October 2006 Migration and Inequality: Policy Implications
6 March 2006 Skilled Migration: Healthcare Policy Options
5 March 2006 Skilled Migration: New Policy Options
4 November 2005 GATS Mode 4
How Trade in Services Can Help Developing Countries
3 July 2005 Defining, Measuring and Influencing Sustainable Return
2 April 2005 Who is Most Likely to Migrate from Albania? Evidence from the Albania Living Standards Measurement Survey
1 February 2005 Migration and the Millennium Development Goals for Health
Migration DRC Research Theme Briefings
  April 2008 Migration in Development Strategies
  April 2008 Poverty and Livelihoods
  April 2008 Skilled Migration
  April 2008 Approaches to Diaspora
  April 2008 Independent Child Migration
  April 2008 Migration Partnerships

RMMRU Policy Briefs

3 2007 The Case for Ratification: 1990 UN Convention on the Protection of Migrant Workers' Rights
2 2007 Accessing Rights as Citizens: The Camp-based Urdu-speaking Community in Bangladesh
1 2007 Coping with Riverbank Erosion Induced Displacement





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