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January 2010
The Migration, Globalisation and Poverty DRC has now come to an end. To find out more about its successor, the Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium (RPC), please visit www.migratingoutofpoverty.org

The DRC produces a number of different publications inlcuding a briefing paper series and a working paper series. All these papers are available to download for free from this site and new papers are added as soon as they are published. We also include a list of forthcoming papers to let you know what will be available soon.

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Migration DRC's Key Findings 'Making Migration Work for Development'

All the papers are available to download as both Word (.doc) and PDF (.pdf) files. To download and read PDF files you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from the Adobe website by clicking the link to the left. Files have been kept as light as possible, so they are easy to download on a slow connection. However, if you have problems downloading, please contact us.

For other publications on migration and development, consult our links section, which details online libraries and other research centres.
DRC Briefing Papers
The DRC's briefing papers are short papers intended to give an overview of a topic, outline research findings and give policy recommendations.
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DRC Working Papers

The DRC's working papers are longer, more in-depth papers presenting the results of primary research and drawing out conclusions for policy makers and future research.
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DRC Research Reports

> DRC Research Reports
DRC Event Reports

> DRC Event Reports
Resource Guides

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Other Publications by DRC Partnership

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SCMR Working Papers
The Sussex Centre for Migration Research has published a number of papers, which are relevant to the debates on migration and poverty.
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Consult our regular DRC newsletter to get updates on research projects, learn about the latest publications and find out about upcoming events.
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