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DRC Working Paper Series

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> Thematic papers
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Thematic Papers

Code Date Title Author(s)
WP-T32 May 2010 The Current Global Economic Crisis and Migration:
Policies and Practice in Origin and Destination
Ronald Skeldon pdf
WP-T31 March 2010 Economic Crises and Migration: Learning from the Past and the Present Tim Green and L. Alan Winters pdf
WP-T30 September 2009 Social Protection for Migrant Labour In the Ghanaian Pineapple Sector S.Barrientos, J.Anarfi, N.Lamhauge, A.Castaldo, N.Akua Anyidoho pdf
WP-T29 February 2009 Independent North-South Child Migration in Ghana: The Decision-Making Process S O Kwankye, J K Anarfi, C A Tagoe and A Castaldo
WP-T28 February 2009 Child Migration in National Surveys Adriana Castaldo, Saskia Gent, Gunjan Sondhi and Ann Whitehead pdf
WP-T27 June 2008 Demographics and Climate Change: Future Trends and their Policy Implications for Migration Richard Black, Dominic Kniveton, Ronald Skeldon, Daniel Coppard, Akira Murata and Kerstin Schmidt-Verkerk pdf
WP-T26 May 2008 Women's Migration, Urban Poverty and Child Health in Rajasthan M.Unnithan-Kumar, K.McNay and A. Castaldo pdf
WP-T25 January 2008 Highly Skilled Migration from Albania: An Assessment of Current Trends and the Ways Ahead Etleva Germenji and Ilir Gedeshi
WP-T24 December 2007
Child Migration, Child Agency and Inter-generational Relations in Africa and South Asia Ann Whitehead, Iman M Hashim and Vegard Iversen
November 2007
Coping Strategies of Independent Child Migrants from Northern Ghana to Southern Cities Stephen O Kwankye, John K Anarfi, Cynthia Addoquaye Tagoe and Adriana Castaldo pdf
WP-T22 October 2007 Patterns of Extraterritorial Voting
Michael Collyer and Zana Vathi
WP-T21 September 2007 'If Only I Get Enough Money for a Bicycle!' A Study of Childhoods, Migration and Adolescent Aspirations Against a Backdrop of Exploitation and Trafficking in Burkina Faso
Dorte Thorsen
WP-T20 August 2007 On Migration and the Policy Process
Ron Skeldon pdf
WP-T19 February 2007 Migration, Legal Status and Poverty: Evidence from Return to Ghana Rachel Sabates-Wheeler, Claudia Natali, Richard Black
WP-T18 November 2006
Place, Social Protection and Migration in Bangladesh: A Londoni Village in Biswanath Katy Gardner and Zahir Ahmed
WP-T17 October 2006
Migration for Hard Work: A Reluctant Livelihood Strategy for Poor Households in West Bengal, India Abdur Rafique, Deeptima Massey and Ben Rogaly
WP-T16 September 2006 The Positives and Negatives of Children's Independent Migration: Assessing the Evidence and the Debates Iman M Hashim pdf
WP-T15 November 2005 Globalization, Skilled Migration and Poverty Alleviation: Brain Drains in Context
Ron Skeldon
WP-T14 October 2005 Tackling Poverty-Migration Linkages: Evidence from Ghana and Egypt
Rachel Sabates-Wheeler, Ricardo Sabates, Adriana Castaldo pdf
WP-T13 September 2005 Quantifying the Bilateral Movements of Migrants
Christopher R Parsons, Ronald Skeldon, Terrie L Walmsley and L Alan Winters pdf
WP-T12 August 2005 Exploring the Linkages between Children’s Independent Migration and Education: Evidence from Ghana Iman M Hashim pdf
WP-T11 June 2005 Who is Most Likely to Migrate from Albania? Evidence from the Albania Living Standards Measurement Survey Adriana Castaldo, Julie Litchfield, Barry Reilly pdf
WP-T10 May 2005 Making Migration „Development Friendly?: Temporary Worker Schemes in the UK Catherine Barber, Richard Black and Paula Tenaglia pdf
WP-T9 May 2005 Segmentation, Network Multipliers and Spillovers: A Theory of Rural Urban Migration for a Traditional Economy
Vegard Iversen pdf
WP-T8 Jan 2005 Developing Country Proposals for the Liberalisation of Movements of Natural Service Suppliers L Alan Winters pdf
WP-T7 Dec 2004 Defining, Measuring and Influencing Sustainable Return: The Case of the Balkans Richard Black and Saskia Gent pdf
WP-T6 Aug 04 The Development Impact of Temporary International Labour Migration on Southern Meditteranean Sending Countries Michael Collyer pdf
WP-T5 Dec 03 Conceptualising children and migration: a case of inter-generational equity? Ann Whitehead, Ellen Kelly and Clare Waddington coming soon
WP-T4 Dec 03 Whose Needs are Right? Refugees, Oustees and the Challenges of Rights-Based Approaches in Forced Migration Lyla Mehta and Jaideep Gupte pdf
WP-T3 Dec 03 Poverty, vulnerability and migration choice Hugh Waddington and Rachel Sabates-Wheeler pdf
WP-T2 Dec 03 Migration and social protection: a concept paper Rachel Sabates-Wheeler and Myrthe Waite pdf
WP-T1 Dec 03 Livelihood Outcomes of Migration for Poor People Clare Waddington pdf
Country Background Papers

Code Date Title Author(s)
WP-C12 Feb 07 Migration and Poverty Reduction in Kosovo Zana Vathi and Richard Black pdf
WP-C11 Feb 07
Migration and Poverty Reduction in Tajikistan Larissa Jones, Richard Black and Ronald Skeldon pdf
WP-C10 Feb 07 Migration and Poverty Reduction in Moldova Maria Cristina Pantiru, Richard Black, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler pdf
WP-C9 Feb 07 Understanding Migration as a Driver of Poverty Reduction in Europe and Central Asia Richard Black, Larissa Jones, Maria Cristina Pantiru, Rachel Sabates-Wheeler, Ronald Skeldon, Zana Vathi pdf
WP-C8 Nov 04 Migration and Pro-Poor Policy in West Africa Richard Black, Savina Ammassari, Shannon Mouillesseaux and Radha Rajkotia pdf
WP-C7 Nov 04 Migration and Pro-Poor Policy in East Africa Richard Black, Lyndsay McLean Hilker and Claire Pooley pdf
WP-C6 Nov 04 Migration and Pro-Poor Policy in Africa Richard Black pdf
WP-C5 Dec 03 Migration and development in Albania Russell King and Julie Vullnetari pdf
WP-C4 Dec 03 Migration from and to Ghana: A Background Paper John Anarfi and Stephen Kwankye with Ofuso-Mensah Ababio and Richmond Tiemoko pdf
WP-C3 Dec 03 Contemporary Egyptian migration: an overview of voluntary and forced migration Ayman Zohry and Barbara Harrell-Bond pdf
WP-C2 Dec 03 Internal migration an development nexus: the case of Bangladesh Rita Asfar pdf
WP-C1 Dec 03 Migration as a livelihood strategy of the poor: the Bangladesh case Tasneem Siddiqui pdf
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