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Links between Migrations

Links between MigrationsBoth internal and international migration have significant consequences for poverty and development, yet the two fields of enquiry are rarely linked, in part because they are studied by scholars from different backgrounds and with different concerns. Where the two are linked, it is often assumed that internal movements simply represent a precursor to international moves.

However, it is increasingly clear that the linkages between internal and international migration are much more complex than this, with international flows also stimulating internal movements, whilst both share important characteristics in terms of their origins, the processes involved, and their poverty impacts. In this context, the Centre’s research has sought to explore first, whether there is a difference between internal and international migration systems; second, what are the implications of international movements for internal migration and vice versa; and third, what is the nature of the interaction between internal and international migration?

Evidence suggests that the level and nature of vulnerability that international migrants face is higher than internal migrants. However, returns to labour may also be different. If this is accounted for in the migrants’ choice to move, it implies a qualitative difference in the determinants of migration choice between the two different locations. This hypothesis is being tested in the context of in-depth research in Egypt and Bangladesh, as well as through related research in Albania by a Sussex-based doctoral student.


  Key Projects
  5a: Internal and International Migration in Egypt

5b: Replacement Seasonal Labour Migration in Sylhet, Bangladesh


An edited volume of DRC and other work on the interrelationships between internal and international migration is proposed.

  Ron Skeldon gave the keynote address at an SSRC-IOM-ESRC workshop on this theme in New York in November 2005, whilst presentation of work-in-progress by other DRC researchers was made to the partnership meeting in Ghana, July 2005
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