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Project 3g
Re-integration of Return Migrants in the North-South Independent Child Migration in Ghana

The study on the independent north-south child migration, carried out under the aegis of the Migration DRC, revealed some interesting issues that require further research. One such critical issue is the re-adjustment or re-integration of return child migrants into the home community. For a considerable proportion of child migrants, the desire is to acquire some resources to start a new life. It would be important to examine how upon their return home, the migrants have succeeded in re-integrating themselves into the economy and community. In doing this, we need to compare the return migrants with their counterparts who have never migrated. This way, the extent to which child migrants constitutes a benefit or cost from the perspective of the return migrants who migrated as a child would become clearer.

Key Research Questions

Dot To what extent do child migrants return to their communities of origin for the purpose of re-integration? Do they return to the same households?
Dot What resources do they return home with?
Dot Which sectors of the home economy are they engaged in and what are their obligations to family and household members?
Dot What are the challenges facing return migrants’ re-integration into the home community?
Dot How do the return child migrants vary from their counterparts who never migrated in terms of their socio-economic progress?
Dot What relevant lessons are to be learnt for the way forward?
Dot What are the policy implications of their re-integration for poverty reduction?



Key Theme(s)
Gender and Generations
Rural Poverty and Livelihoods

Type(s) of Migration
Return Migration
Child Migration

Ghana / Africa


Ann Whitehead

John Anarfi (ISSER)
Stephen Kwankye (RIPS)

Key Activities


The study will use new structured and unstructured questionnaires to collect data from a sample of 300 child migrants who have returned to the Northern Region of Ghana in the last five years to examine their re-integration into the home economy. At the same time, 300 children who have never migrated and do not intend to migrate as children will also be interviewed as a way of comparing them with their counterparts who migrated and have since returned home.

Key Outputs

Working paper leading to contribution to edited volume on child migration

Policy workshop in Ghana if some outside funding can be obtained


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