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Project 8b
Characterising Research on Existing Labour Agreements

There are already many temporary labour mobility schemes in existence. Documenting these and exploring their institutional forms is seen as a useful step in making GATS Mode 4 mobility operational. A first step will be to analyse in detail the specific agreements that have been developed for temporary mobility between the European Union and North African countries such as Egypt and Morocco, about which there is already a certain degree of information. This will then be extended into a broader search for information on temporary mobility schemes and labour agreements that have been developed on a bilateral basis in other parts of the world.

Key Research Questions

To define the characteristics of current temporary mobility schemes.
To be able to offer comment and advice on temporary mobility, especially in the context of GATS.



Type(s) of Migration
Global Labour Mobility

UK and International


Richard Black

L. Alan Winters (Sussex)
Michael Collyer (Sussex)

Key Activities


In-depth analysis of temporary mobility schemes between Egypt, Morocco and the EU.

2. Further compilation of data and analysis of bilateral labour agreements in other world regions.

Key Outputs

Working paper on temporary mobility in the Mediterranean
Articles on global patterns of temporary mobility schemes


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