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Project 8e
Comparative Analysis of Welfare Services of Sending Country Missions in Receiving Countries

Findings of several RMMRU studies and conclusions of consultations recently held in Bangladesh underscored the inadequacy and inappropriateness of services rendered by Bangladeshi missions in major labour receiving countries. The parliamentary standing committee on the subject also highlighted the need for efficient and migrant friendly service delivery. Discussions with returnee migrant workers and diplomats suggest that resource constraints, inappropriate selection of staff, lack of staff and training, lack of coordination between different agencies of the government, and inadequacy in language training are some of the major factors that militate against rendering appropriate services to Bangladeshi workers abroad.

This study will focus on services rendered by labour attaches of the Philippines and Sri Lanka in one labour receiving country. Its main objective is to make a comparative analysis of the services rendered by Bangladesh missions and those of the two countries stated. It will attempt to offer specific policy recommendations.

Key Research Questions

What are the similarities and variations in services rendered by labour attaches of Bangladesh, Philippines and Sri Lanka in a specific receiving country?
What are the recruitment procedures followed by the countries concerned in appointing labour attaches and other personnel to manage migrant workers? What types of training are imparted before they are posted overseas?
How do workers of these respective countries perceive and view the role of their missions?
How do the missions deal with complaints from its nationals and how do they liaise with the concerned authorities in the receiving countries?



Type(s) of Migration
Global Labour Mobility

Bangladesh / South Asia


Richard Black

Choudhury Abrar (RMMRU)
and Migrant Forum in Asia, Philippines

Key activity

1. Focus group discussions with migrant workers of the three countries.
2. In-depth interviews with a select group of migrants of three countries in a receiving country and returnee migrants in Bangladesh.
3. Meetings with labour attaches and other officials of embassies of the three countries in a receiving country.
4. If possible, meeting with concerned ministry and agency officials of the receiving country.

Key Outputs

A national seminar involving various stakeholders including government, media and the private sector
A research report
Newspaper articles
A policy briefing of RMMRU


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