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Project 9b
Experiences and Coping Strategies of Failed Migrants

International migration has become an important livelihood option for many Bangladeshis. The limited availability of employment opportunities at home along with the visible success of migrants has had major demonstration effect on others. Apart from the formal registered agencies one also sees the growth of informal unlicensed agents operating in various parts of the country. The aspirant migrants sell their limited assets and take loans to finance their migration. Often aspirant migrants fall prey to the malpractices of registered agencies and the informal operators. Lack of proper information sources, weak and corrupt administrative mechanisms, inappropriate legal and administrative structures and lack of legal aid services, all work against seeking redress. Their failed experience pushes them deeper into poverty.

The proposed study will focus on the experiences and coping strategies of this group of people. It will also suggest policy recommendations so that such incidences could be minimised and those affected can seek redress.

Key Research Questions

What factors contribute to failure in migration experiences?
Who are responsible for such failure? What strategies do they use to cheat aspirant migrants?
Why government agencies fail to curb their activities? What are the legal and administrative gaps?
What problems do the households face when migration attempts of a member of household fails?
Dot What forms redress do they seek? To what extent they succeed in seeking such redress?



Key Theme(s)
Rural Poverty and Livelihoods

Bangladesh / South Asia


Richard Black

Choudhury Abrar (RMMRU)

Key Activities


Research design.

2.  Focus group discussion and preparation of survey questionnaire.
3. Field work.
4. Data processing.
5. Preparation of the report.
6. Presenting findings at a public seminar.

Key Outputs

A research report
A public seminar
A policy briefing
Newspaper reports


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