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  All DRC Research Projects

No. Title Principal Investigators Timelines
1a Social protection of temporary work migrants in Bangladesh and India Ben Rogaly (Sussex), Janet Seeley (UEA) Sept 2006 (presentation at Dhaka conference); DPhil Sep 2007
1b Livelihoods, social protection and integenerational equity in migration from Bangladesh to the Gulf Katy Gardner (Sussex) Sept 2006 (Dhaka conference); DPhil Sep 2007
1c Social protection of workers in global agriculture: the pineapple sector in Ghana Stephanie Barrientos (IDS), John Anarfi (ISSER) Jan 2005-Mar 2007
1d Portability, access and reciprocity: social protection regimes for migrants Rachel Sabates-Wheeler (IDS) Apr 2006-Sep 2007
1e Gendered "return home" – Sudanese refugees are coming back Kasia Grabska (FMRS) Sep 2006-Mar 2008
2c Migration and child survival in India Maya Unnithan (Sussex) Jul 2004-Jun 2005
3a Child migration, Rural Poverty and Livelihoods in Burkina Faso Dorte Thorsen (Sussex) Oct 2004-Sep 2005
3b(1) The north-south migration of children in Ghana John Anarfi (ISSER) and Stephen Kwankye (RIPS) Apr 2004-Jun 2005
3b(2) Autonomous Child Migration in Ghana Iman Hashim (Sussex) Apr 2004-Mar 2005
3b(3) Autonomous Child Migration in Bangladesh Sumaiya Khair (RMMRU) Apr 2004-Mar 2005
3c Autonomous and Other Child Migration in South India Vegard Iversen (UEA) Apr 2004-
3d The stranded Bihari linguistic minority in Bangladesh: generational perspectives C R Abrar (RMMRU) Apr 2005-Mar 2006
3e Gender Differences in Migration Opportunities Nitya Rao and Janet Seeley (UEA) Apr 2006-Dec 2007
3f Mumbai Night Schools Vegard Iversen (UEA) Oct-Dec 2006
3g Re-integration of return migrants in the North-South independent child migration in Ghana John Anarfi (ISSER) and Stephen Kwankye (RIPS) Apr 2006- Mar 07
4a Impacts of poverty and vulnerability on migration choice: Ghana and Egypt Rachel Sabates-Wheeler (IDS) Jan 2004-Dec 2005
4b Migration and poverty in transition in Albania Barry Reilly, Julie Litchfield (Sussex) and Ilir Gedeshi (CESS) Jan 2004-Sep 2005
4c Internal migration and remittances in Bangladesh Tasneem Siddiqui (RMMRU) Apr 2005-Mar 2006
4d The impact of migration on assets for sending households Rachel Sabates-Wheeler (IDS) Apr 2007-Sep 2007
5a Internal and international migration in Egypt Ayman Zohry (Egypt)  Jul 2004-Mar 2005
5b Replacement seasonal labour migration in Sylhet, Bangladesh Katy Gardner (Sussex), Zahir Ahmed (Jahangirnagar) Jul 2004-Dec 2006 (Field report due June 2005)
6a Balancing rights and risks amongst forced migrants Lyla Mehta and Carol Yong (IDS) Oct 2004-Mar 2006
6b Forced migration and policy in the Middle East Kasia Grabska (FMRS) Apr 2004-Mar 2006
6c Liberian refugees and rights in Accra, Ghana John Anarfi (ISSER) Apr 2004-Dec 2005
6d A social profile and analysis of migrant domestic employees in Cairo Ray Jureidini (FMRS) Apr 2006-Sep 2007
7a International comparisons of mobility of the highly skilled Ron Skeldon (Sussex) 2004-Mar 2006 (report for MTR)
7b Mobility of the highly skilled in Ghana John Anarfi (ISSER) and Stephen Kwankye (RIPS) Jan 2004-Mar 2006
7c Mobility of the highly skilled in Bangladesh Salahuddin Aminuzamman (RMMRU) Jan 2004-Mar 2005
7d Student migration from Bangladesh CR Abrar (RMMRU) Apr 2006-Mar 2007
8a Quantifying temporary mobility and the effects of Mode 4  liberalisation Alan Winters (Sussex) and Terrie Walmsley (Purdue) Oct 2004-Jul 2005
8b Characterising research on existing labour agreements Michael Collyer (Sussex) Jan 2004-Sep 2004
8c Temporary worker schemes in the UK: impacts on pro-poor policy Richard Black (Sussex) Apr 2004-Dec 2004
8d Model Code of Conduct for recruitment agencies CR Abrar (RMMRU) Apr 2006-Dec 2007
8e Comparative analysis of welfare services of sending country missions in receiving countries CR Abrar (RMMRU) Apr 2007- Mar 2008
9a International comparisons of return to poor countries Richard Black (Sussex) Jan 2004-Sep 2005
9b Experiences and coping strategies of failed migrants CR Abrar (RMMRU) Apr 2006-Mar 2007


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