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Types of Migration
Internal Migration
Global Labour Mobility
Child Migration
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Forced Migration
Return Migration

Key Themes
Modelling Causes and Consequences
Links between Migrations
Rural Poverty and Livelihoods
Social Protection
Gender and Generations
Health and Education

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UK / International

UK / InternationalThe Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty is funded by DfID, one of the foremost donor agencies seeking to understand the impact of migration on development. DfID was the first to publish a report on migration and development. The UK partners of the DRC Migration have been closely involved with the Global Forum on Migration and Development, and Richard Black (DRC Migration, University of Sussex) will be coordinating the panel on ‘Strengthening data and research tools on migration and development’.

The UK branch of the partnership manages the activities and research of the DRC Migration from its headquarters at the Sussex Centre on Migration Research, University of Sussex and coordinates a broad range of projects, which includes the Global Migrants Origin Database and the Migration in National Surveys Catalogue.
  Partners in the UK
  The Sussex Centre for Migration Research

The Institute of Development Studies

The School of Development Studies, UEA

  Key Projects

7a: International comparisons of mobility of the highly skilled

8a: Temporary Mobility and the Effects of Mode 4 Liberalisation

8b: Characterising Research on Existing Labour Agreements

8c: Temporary Worker Schemes in the UK

Global Migrant Origin Database

Migration in National Surveys Data Catalogue


Demographics and Climate Change: Future Trends and their Policy Implications for Migration, June 2008 (WP-T27)

Globalization, Skilled Migration and Poverty Alleviation: Brain Drains in Context, November 2005 (WP-T15)

Making Migration ‘Development Friendly’: Temporary Worker Schemes in the UK, May 2005 (WP-T10)

Developing Country Proposals for the Liberalisation of Movements of Natural Service Suppliers, January 2005 (WP-T8)

The Development Impact of Temporary International Labour Migration on Southern Mediterranean Sending Countries, August 2004 (WP-T6)

GATS Mode 4: How Trade in Services Can Help Developing Countries, November 2005 (BP-4)

Human Resources for Health and Migration: Mobility, Training and the Global Supply of Health Workers, September 2007 (BP-10)



Building Migration into Development Strategies
28-29 April 2008


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