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Types of Migration
Internal Migration
Global Labour Mobility
Child Migration
Skilled Migration
Forced Migration
Return Migration

Key Themes
Modelling Causes and Consequences
Links between Migrations
Rural Poverty and Livelihoods
Social Protection
Gender and Generations
Health and Education

UK / international
Albania / Eastern Europe
Ghana / Africa
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Bangladesh / South Asia




Skilled Migration - Key Readings

Dovlo, D., 2003, The brain drain and retention of health professionals in Africa, Case Study prepared for Regional Training Conference on Improving Tertiary Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: things that work!

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  Key Projects
  7a: International Comparisons of the Highly-Skilled

7b: Mobility of the Highly Skilled in Ghana

7c: Mobility of the Highly Skilled in Bangladesh

7d: Student Migration from Bangladesh


Globalization, Skilled Migration and Poverty Alleviation: Brain Drains in Context, Nov 2005 (WP-T15)

  A workshop was held on the Migration of the Highly Skilled in Accra in July 2005, drawing together key actors from the health and higher education sectors.
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